One land, one people...

The Ecosystem Stewardship Institute is a vision for a private consortium in South Puget Sound that offers resources and education to cultivate the sustainable management of land in the Salish Sea Watershed.

We are stewards because the ecosystem is the seat of our health and wellbeing--the crucible of our culture and economy. The health of the land insures our access to food, water, fiber, fuel, and medicines. Ecosytem stewardship through the mitigation of our greed, fear, and ignorance is the fundemental challange of civilization.

No industrial civilization has successfully protected their ecosystem. Economic growth measures the rate we cut forest, pave soil, and pollute water. We choose to degrade Puget Sound every morning of every day. To change the path, we must break new trail. We cannot do this individuals. We can only do this as individuals.

Ecosystem Stewardship Institute reflects my ambition to work with a small network of citizens to meet the stewardship challange.